Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week of travel...Part II

After we left Kevin's parents on Thursday, we headed to Tennessee for a visit.  The main reason we decided to go to Tennessee was that my nephew Hopkins was playing football in Olive Branch, Mississippi on Friday night. Olive Branch is not that far from Covington, so we knew we could visit family and still see Hopkins play without going too far.  Since the game was not until Friday night, we spent the morning playing at the park.

After a little energy relief, we headed to my granddaddy's garden.  The boys were eager to pick some vegetables.

Rylan went right to picking!

You have to watch this little guy, he will pick anything!  Holden on the other hand, found a worm and then a lady bug.

Gosh this boy loves his creatures.  After picking enough to open a farmers market, just kidding but just look at the stash we came back with!


Friday evening finally rolled around and it was time for some football.  There is just something about high school football in the South.  It really is something else.  This game was a family affair, our family, my sister(and family), the grandmothers and my aunt, and even my granddaddy came too.

The boys were excited.  We even made posters to help cheer on the Jaguars.

The band was playing and everyone was cheering as the team entered the field.

 My nephew Hopkins is #74.

There were lots of great plays, tons of penalties, horrible play calling, but Hopkins did great,  I just love this picture, it shows the emotion of the game.

Too funny.  I wish I could report they won but in the last play of the game the Jaguars lost 31-28.

It was an exciting game and we are so glad we were able to see it first hand.

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