Sunday, September 30, 2012

Date with Mom {Rylan}

Rylan and I may spend most of our days together but those days are usually spent running Holden to and from school, running errands, and doing household chores.  Sure we play together and have fun but nothing too special.  But finally, it worked out that we could have a little date together.  We decided to visit Blooms & Berries Fall on the Farm.   Yes, we usually venture here together as a family but this year, it just did not work out that way.  Instead Rylan and I had a little one on one fun together.  He was so excited!  He held my hand and told me where he wanted start...first he started with the rolling pumpkins, 

then the duck races, 

the tube slide, 

the horse swing, 

and then fed the goats.  

We finally made our way over to the Bucking Cow Train.  Oh my goodness, he absolutely loved this ride!  I think his mouth was open the entire ride!  

So funny!  

As I say every year, we need a corn box at our house!  Literally I think Rylan could have played in here forever!  

But I was itching to walk through the sunflowers.  

They were in full bloom and beautiful!   WOW!  What a sight!  

After the sunflowers, we had one last thing to do before we called it a day...the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  

Rylan picked his perfect pumpkin.  

It has a little character, just like Rylan.  What a fun date spent with my little man.  We had the best time spending the afternoon together.  I love these times.  Now, I need to plan something fun for Holden and I to do together on our date.

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