Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football, Baseball & 2 Parties

What a busy weekend!  Football, Baseball, two birthday parties, and that was just on Saturday!  Holden kicked off his first Flag Football Game bright and early Saturday morning.  Again, Rylan was too young to play flag football with Upward so he was designated as the "little coach".  The boys warmed up before they took to the field.

Holden did awesome pulling flags.  Seriously, I think he was on a mission with each play. Just look at his determination!

Holden was so focused the entire game.

At one point the ball was passed to Holden and I am not for sure he knew what to do at first but then he took the ball and ran, and ran,

 and TOUCHDOWN HOLDEN!!!!!!   Whoo Hoo!!!  He was so proud!  And a little celebrating was in order.

What a great season opener!  Even Rylan had a blast assisting as a coach.

After football we were off to baseball.

Playing two sports at once was probably not the best idea but thankfully, Fall Ball is almost over. Only a couple of weekends left of feeling totally booked.

Then there were two birthday celebrations.  Our neighbor Avery turned 2 and had a cute Mickey Mouse party.  But I left my camera at home.  Then we were off to an Adventures Superheros Party where the boys were assigned who they had to dressup dress up as.

What a crew!  Holden was Thor and Rylan was Ant Man.

I know, Ant Man was a little hard but this was all I could come up with!  Rylan loved his costume.

Once again, we had a jammed packed day and weekend at that, but the boys loved every minute of it.

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