Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holden turns 7!!!!

Thursday was Holden's 7th birthday.  WOW!  It is hard to believe that 7 years ago we became parents for the first time.  Time has flown by!

Now that school is back in session, I did not want to do too much in the morning for his birthday because I just knew it would slow us down.  But I had to make our traditional birthday pancakes to start his morning off right.

As expected, Holden asked if he could just open one gift before school.  I knew he would want to open something, after all it is his birthday.  So we told him to look in the garage for his gift from us....

a new bike!  He was thrilled about his new "big" bike!  And wanted to try it out but we had to make it school on time so this would just have to wait until after school.

Once we got home from school Holden opened his gifts from Rylan

and tried out his new ride.

Can you tell he loves his new bike?!

After dinner it was baseball cake and ice cream for this birthday boy.

Gosh, 7 years old!  Where has the time gone?

Not sure I can handle these kids growing up so fast!  Make a wish and blow the candles out.

  Happy 7th Birthday Holden!  We love you so very much, Big boy!

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