Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It finally feels like Fall!

The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and well, it finally feels like fall!  I just love fall! Pumpkins, mums, fall festivals, hot chocolate, apple cider, you name it, I love this time of year!

Between all of the boys activites, I knew we had to make time to keep our fall traditions this year.  So after football and baseball on Saturday, we made our way out to A &M Apple Orchard for a little apple picking.

As soon as we arrived, the boys spotted the stacks of hay bales and decided they would be perfect for jumping. And that is just what these little country boys did.

They jumped from one hay bale to the next.  Over and over again.

We were told before heading out to the fields that the late frost this past spring destroyed 80% of their crop! Yikes.

We were worried that we would not be able to find any apples to pick but that was not the case.  We were able to picked Golden Delicous and Melrose.

And as Kevin and I both said, it is more about the experience with the boys rather than getting the best apples.  As you can see the boys did not have a hard time finding some "winners".

But I must say their favorite part of apple picking has to be climbing the trees!

Now we did not pick as much as we have in years past but these will be just enough for apple sauce, apple cobbler and I sure we can find something to do with the rest.

Happy Fall!

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