Monday, September 3, 2012

Jedi Holden & Jedi Rylan's Star Wars Birthday Party

With the boys birthdays only 10 days apart, we have done joint parties for the past couple of years.  This year I came up with several themes, Farm, Nature Critters, Baseball and a couple others but the boys were set on having a Star Wars Party.  And since it is not my party, I gave in.  However this year, we decided to keep their party small.  Which to be honest. I enjoyed so much more!

With that said... 

Young Jedi from across the galaxy joined forces for a very important event yesterday, Holden turning 7 & Rylan turning 4!  Young Jedi in training came to celebrate this event and to take action against all evil and become Jedi Masters.  

Staying with the Star Wars theme, we served a variety of Star Wars food. 

 Such as Jar Jar links in a blanket,

 Vader Taters, Galactic Pizza, Yoda Melon, 

Dark Side Chips and Jango Salsa,

 Star Wars Cookies, 

Chocolate Light Sabers, 




Yoda Soda, 

and Luke Skywater.  We had a lot of fun coming up with the food. 

When the young Jedi arrived they began making their own light sabers.  Then to officially become Jedi Masters they needed to dress the part, so I made Jedi cloaks for the group.  

Yoda, aka Kevin, agreed to train the young Jedi.  

Training was going well until, the kids decided to attack Yoda, which we all know was much more fun. 

 The young Jedi became official Jedi Masters.   

And it was a good thing we had so many Jedi Masters because shortly after, we were attacked by asteroids in the front yard.  

We had one last game to play, Destroy the Death Star.  

Well, as soon as the first person the Death Star it fell down but did not break!  So, Kevin was brave enough to hold it until it broke.  

Then as you know, the kids went crazy!  

Holden had a quick wardrobe change before cake.  As I have said before, I am not a cake maker!  However, I do like to do everything myself for parties so they feel homemade, and once again I made the cake.  A little lopsided but it turned out ok.

The birthday boys were ready to celebrate regardless of how the cake looked!.  As usually, Rylan was a total ham!  

Make a wish boys!!!

Can't believe another year has past and yet another successful party without rain!!!  Whew!  Happy Birthday Boys!

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The Gibson Family said...

Another great party Elizabeth! They are growing up too fast!