Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rylan turns 4!!!

It seems like we have had an entire month of celebrations from Back to School celebrations, Holden's birthday, the boys birthday party and now finally Rylan's 4th Birthday.  It is hard to believe Rylan is 4!  Or at least for me it is.  I always look at him like he is just a baby but he is officially a big 4 year old!  Where has the time gone.  Rylan is a wild one but he always keeps us laughing and on our toes around here.  He really is a sweet boy, with alot of energy, but still a very sweet boy.  When the birthday boy woke up Sunday morning he enjoyed birthday pancakes.

After breakfast, Rylan was excited to open his gifts from Holden.

He has been eyeing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates telescope for weeks now and thankfully, he got just what he wanted!

Then one last surprise from Kevin and I.....

a BIG BOY BIKE!!  This is Rylan's first bike that is not a hand-me-down and to say he was thrilled, is an understatement!  He could not wait to ride his new bike.  However, we had a busy morning of church and then Holden's baseball game.  It wasn't until late afternoon before he got the chance.  But once we got home finally, Rylan jumped on his bike and was ready to go!

Oh my goodness, he was so excited about his new bike!!!  This little guy rode around and around our cul-da-sac forever!

We ended Rylan's birthday festivities with cake.   By request, the cake was a sprinkle cake with M&M's.

 Colorful, just like Rylan!  Just kidding!  We love this little 4 year old to pieces!!

  He is our constant entertainment and just look at this face....

what's not to love!   Happy Birthday Rylan!!  We love you so very much!

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