Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rylan's First Day of Preschool

Today was Rylan's First Day of Preschool.  However, last week we had a Parent Orientation at his preschool. In our take home packet his teachers gave us a card to open the night before preschool.

So after reading the sweet poem, we did just what it said to do, we sprinkled "magic confetti" beside his bed to get rid of any first day jitters.

Well, I wish I could say it worked but instead Rylan was up twice worried about his first day.  First he woke up to make sure I was not going to forget his "special" Back to School breakfast. Yes, he is like a little old man, always worrying about what there is to eat!  Which by the way I did not forget, apple waffles just like on Holden's first day of school. (I like to keep it even)  Then he woke up again to make sure I knew it was his first day of school and to tell me that he needed to sleep with me!  In other words, we did not have the best nights sleep.  I was not sure how he was going to react this morning.  But much to my surprise he was his usual smiley self.

Ready to pose for pictures and even hamming it up like he always does.

I always say, "God made him cute for a reason."  Whew, he is such a mess!

After we dropped Holden off at school, we made our way over to Rylan's school.  Just look at this big boy!

  Even though he will not officially be 4 until Sunday, he is in the 4's Preschool Class.  Again, much to my surprise he walked right into his class and check everything out.  From the exercise equipment,

which is too cute, then over to the playdough station.

After a prayer and a kiss goodbye, the parents we asked to go.

I am happy to report this year, NO TEARS!!! 

 WOW, he is growing up! Not only did he not cry but he looked so happy and content on being at school, which is a good thing.  I have a feeling he will have a great year.

As you know we can not have a first day of school without some kind of treat so I made kissing hand cookies and apple pops for an after Preschool surprise.

I am sure you can guess...

He loved it!

And just like the cookies, Rylan made his own kissing hand at school too.

A great start to a new Preschool year, which I have a feeling will be one filled with lots of fun, laughs and memories. 

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