Saturday, October 27, 2012

Game Day at Miami University

As you may remember from last year, part of the Upward Flag Football season the kids are allowed to go on the field with the Miami University team.

Saturday was this years Upward annual game.  Well, little did we know it was also Parents Weekend, High Recruits Weekend and their biggest rival.  In other words, it was a busy weekend, hence lots and lots of traffic!  We followed some friends to the game so after sitting in game day traffic we all decided it was best that the Dad's and the kids go ahead and go to the game without us and we would catch up with them.

 I am sure you can guess, us mom's sat in traffic forever!!!  And we missed the kids running out on the field with the team.  Yes, I was bummed, no pictures!  But at least the boys did not miss the chance to participate.  We made it just in time to watch the game with the kiddos.

 It was cold and windy but a fun time for us all.  I suppose next time we should plan for alot more time before the game so we do not miss a thing,  Lesson Learned!

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