Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just another Weekend

Our weekends this fall have been filled with football, baseball and more football.  I am starting to really feel like a real mother of boys.  All of our weekends are being spent at a ball field of some sort and this weekend was just the same.

First was Holden's Flag football game on Saturday where he was named MVP (Most Valuable Player)!

Talk about a GREAT game!  He had 2 touchdowns, 2 Interceptions, 1 Two point conversion and too many flags pulled to even count!

  He really had a great game!

Then today was Rylan's Flag football game where little bit pulled 2 flags!!!!!

He was sooooo excited!!  Just look at him hamming it up to Holden on the side lines!

Now, he did not make any touchdowns but let me tell you he tried extra hard.  Just look at this play when he finally got the ball and set out to run.  Well, a kid on the other team tripped him and he went flying!

Thankfully, it did not seem to bother Rylan, he just got right back up with a smile.  So proud of himself.

After Rylan's game, it started to rain, however, Holden's final baseball game was not cancelled.  Instead, they played in the rain.  Holden had a good game with some good hits and some good slides into home plate.

After all it was a rainy final game, might as well get as muddy as you can.

Whew, a busy weekend spent at the ball fields.   Thankfully, next weekend we only have both boys football games to contend with.   Remind me to never, and I mean never, sign up for more than one sport for each child at any given season.  Lesson learned!!  The kids were fine with all the running around, but man am I ever so glad baseball is over until spring!  Shh, don't say I said that!  But our weekends were just as busy as our weekdays.  Plus, there was very little downtime this fall to have any fun but trust me I plan on making it up the next couple of weekends!

Nothing exciting, just another weekend spent at a ball field of some sort, I guess this is what I have to look forward to for the next several years to come.

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