Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kevin turns the BIG 4-0!!!!

This past Monday, Kevin turned the BIG 4-0!  Yes, he is now 40 years old!  40, wow, doesn't that sound old!  I wish I could say we threw a big party to celebrate his big day but with his recent work and travel schedule I just could not get it to work out.  However we did celebrate, it was just a little more spread out than planned.  The first round of celebrate was Saturday night.  He thought we were just going over to some friends to watch football and have pizza with the kids but when he walked in,  the girls we all dressed in black and was a 40th gathering.  Lots of tailgate food and 40th birthday decorations.

But the best was his 40th old man's essential gift.

This was a basket filled with gag gifts like hemorrhoid cream,

stool softener,

depends. icy hot, and other funny gifts.

Kevin took it all in stride.  Thankfullly even though he is getting older,  he still has not lost his sense of humor.

Then Sunday morning, the boys surprised him with gifts and birthday pancakes.

Since he was out of town for work and meetings, it was not until Wednesday before we celebrate with cake.  I let the boys decorate the cake just the way they you can see that included lots and lots of sprinkles!

Here's the birthday boy making a wish with a little help from his little men.

Happy Birthday Kevin!  We know turning 40 was a hard one to swallow but we still love you, even if you are over the hill!!

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