Monday, October 29, 2012


Our church held it's annual Trunk-or-Treat yesterday.  Once again, we were running from one event to the next but somehow we made it and in full costume.  This year we let Holden and Rylan decide our theme for the family this year, not sure why we let them, but here we are as The Avengers!

Yes, that is Kevin as "Captain America", Holden as "Thor", Rylan as "Hulk Smash" and yes, me as "Black Widow".  And yes, that is spandex I am wearing at 33 weeks pregnant!  The things we do for the kids!  At least everyone got a good laugh, I know I did.  What a sight we were!

It was very cold and windy but that did not stop the crowds from coming out to Trunk-or-Treat.

I think Kevin enjoyed his costume more than he wanted me to believe...

He was posing every chance he could get!

Rylan was not too keen on wearing his "Hulk" mask so we painted his face green, per his request.  If only you could hear him saying,"Hulk, Smash" at the top of his lungs. He is such a mess!

The kids loaded up on lots and lots of candy before heading back to the car to warm up. BRR!

 Another fun year at Trunk-or-Treat with friends.

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Leroy and Sadako said...

This is really funny, Kevin as Captain America, posing. All of you are looking "GOOD" !!!