Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast {Rylan}

Rylan's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast was yesterday.  The kids made Turkey hand print shirts to wear for the occasion, along with turkey hats.

Aren't they adorable!  His feast began with the class singing songs that they had learned.  Rylan was a bit of a ham, dancing and singing really loud during their performance.

After songs, scriptures and prayer, it was time to feast.

 Just look at this spread!

I love the fact that the preschool parties include the entire family.  While we enjoyed some yummy food, the teachers read what the kids were "Thankful For".  Rylan's list included, Sunshine, Holden, Mommy & Daddy, the baby, and the blue skies.  Not as crazy as I was expecting from this little guy.

Once we finished our feast we gathered for Friday Chapel.

Rylan once again was singing and hamming it up but when it was time for the lesson, he sat right beside his first love, little Lucy.  And look at where is arm is...

Oh, this little guy!  He is going to be a handful {to say the least}!

Another adorable Preschool feast.

I just love theses events and the memories!

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Tammie said...

How precious, he is so cute,love the shirts and head bands. What a cutey with his little arm around the little girl. HA, Happy Thanksgiving!!!