Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Program {Holden}

Pilgrims & Indians, oh my!

Holden's Thanksgiving program was today and they were asked to either dress as a Pilgrim or Indian.  I am sure you can guess which one Holden decided to be...

an Indian.  Before the program, Holden's class had a Thanksgiving party with stories and a pumpkin treat.  After talking with Holden's teacher, Mrs. Ryan,  we both decided that instead of serving pumpkin pie we would have pumpkin cookies.

These sugar treats were a hit for all.  This party was for the class only but I did sneak by to catch Holden working hard on his class work.

I can not believe how big he looks in this picture!  Oh how time fly's by.

Today's program the kids recited "Thanksgiving Day" and a "Thanksgiving Blessing".

 They did great but as you can see from the pictures Holden looks a little nervous but I suppose it was all people in attendance.

Other grammar school classes recited poems as well.  It was a perfect beginning to our Thanksgiving break with a reflect of what the true meaning of being grateful and giving thanks for our many blessing this Thanksgiving. 

Since this was a special day, Rylan and I made pilgrim hats for these two turkeys to enjoy after school.

Now, officially our Thanksgiving break has begun.

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