Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Grade USA Party

Yes, it may have been Halloween yesterday but since Holden attends a christian school they do not celebrate the holiday.  However, each year they do celebrate something on Halloween to celebrate, like last year they dressed up as their favorite Bible character and then this year we had a Geography Party.  The kids have learned all 50 States, Continents and Oceans so that was reason to celebrate with a USA Party.  Before the party began the kids changed into items they brought from home that was red, white and blue.  We listened to the kids perform songs, poems, and rhymes that they learned about the United States.  From the Southern  Boarder to the Eastern Border of the United States.

Holden really got into his performance and hand motions.

 Rylan sang along too.

I laugh as I tell people, Rylan may not know his colors but he knows all the states and oceans!

After the kids performance they paraded throughout the school singing and waving their flags.

 And they the celebration...all red, white and blue!  From balloons on the tables to special treats.

I made the flag cake balls, which did not turn out exactly as I planned but the kids loved them.

We made USA crafts and filled goody bags with flags, stickers, and pins all having to do with USA.  A fun twist on Halloween now Holden is studying Canada and Greenland, I wonder what we can come up with now.

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