Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday morning was Holden's last flag football game and it was a cold one!  I think it was in the 30's when the game started.  I guess I need to start bracing for another cold Ohio winter.  But our little Cobras did not seem to mind the cold.  They were out pulling flags and making touchdowns.

After our final game, we, well I, decided it might be a good idea to actually know where the hospital is before I go into labor.   We found it and I feel much better now but while we were downtown we stopped by The Ronald McDonald House.  The boys have been collecting bottle tops for the past couple of months and this was the perfect opportunity for us to deliver the collection.

It weighed half a pound!

The boys picked some snack items to bring for their kitchen too.

Sunday was much of the same, church, football, and homework.  This time it was Rylan's game.

He pulled 2 flags and I am sure you can guess, he was so proud!

And that was pretty much our weekend wrap-up.  

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