Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Parties

I knew a couple of months ago that Christmas parties were going to be a little tricky for me.  Not just because of having a newborn but the fact that both boys parties were the same day and started at the same time.  Normally Kevin and I would have divided and conquered but with Leyton I was not sure how we were going to swing it all.  I woke up Friday morning feeling pretty proud of myself, I had all teacher gifts finished and wrapped, classmates gifts finished, Rylan's costume for his class play completed, and our party contributions, treats, all ready and all in the car. Well, I forgot to mention when we woke up it had snowed and was bitterly cold, however, I got everyone delivered to school with gifts and made it back to the house.  I fed and changed Leyton and we made our way to Rylan's party to get him dressed for his play.  At this point, I should have lowered my expectations, when I walked in to get Rylan dressed for the play, he let me know that I was late, great.  Really, I was not that late but I suppose Rylan is used to be being one of the first there that this just was not normal for me.  However, after he was dressed it was time for their play to begin.  Rylan was a "Wiseman" and his line in the play was "Gold".

I think he should have been re-named as the "wise guy".  Look at him and his buddy Grant just hamming it up!

It is a good thing his teacher Miss Linda has alot of patients and a sense of humor with these two.  Bless her heart!  Grant's grandparents were at the program and party too and leaned over and said, "Those two look like they have alot of fun." Well, I guess that is one way of putting it!  HA!  With all laughter put aside the kids did a wonderful job singing and performing.  I really do love this age, they are so sweet when they sing and Rylan is always keeping us on our toes!

After Rylan's party it was time to feed Leyton again before going to Holden's party.  Well, once again, I should have lowered my expectations, again I was late for the luncheon but I made it to help out.  Holden was disappointed with me also, this seemed to be an ongoing theme Friday with me.

I missed the big reveal of the room.  All of the kids are sent out to Music and when they come back the lights are all off and they eat by candle light and have a fancy lunch with china.  The kids thought this was special.

  They had a special dessert and finish the day with an ornament exchange.

Well, I suppose I should keep expectations low for the next couple of months as I adjust to school, preschool, and a newborns schedule.  But all and all we survived all of the Christmas school festivities and are now looking forward to a break.


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