Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gingerbread Cookies

Before having Leyton I knew Rylan was busy, but to be honest I did not fully realize how busy he really is.  Not to mention his need to keep busy until this past week.  WOW!  This kids can not sit still!  He is constantly wanting to make something, build something, cook something, or do something, especially when I am feeding Leyton.  Go figure!  So I decided to let him make gingerbread cookies.

I pulled out the cookie cutters, candy and I just let him go to town.

He was icing his cookies and decorating with the mindset, more is better!  Just look at these little gingerbread men.

There was the use of sprinkles galore and just as many on the floor but it kept this little guy busy and happy for awhile.

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