Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas morning was full of excitement!  The boys were thrilled when they saw what Santa left for them.  I suppose they were good this year.  Even Leyton received gifts and a stocking full of surprises.

It really is the best sound hearing them Christmas morning.  I know Kevin's parents and Jen-Jen enjoyed every minute of it too.

We opened gifts and it was easy to see which toys were the boys favorites.  Holden's were Skylanders from Santa, his boots from Aunt Becky and Uncle Eddie, his spurs, and lots and lots of legos from his grandparents.

Rylan's favorites were his Castle from Santa, Jake & the Neverland Pirates from Santa, cowboy boots from Aunt Becky and Uncle Eddie, and other superhero guys from Jen-Jen.

An unexpected favorite gift for both boys were from Kevin...pretend yard toys!

They loved these!  They went around acting like workers and even tried to cut down the Christmas trees!

Leyton was just as thrilled that he recieved his first set of cowboy boots too!!

  Are they not adorable!!!!  Now we officially have 3 cowboys in the house!

The boys played all morning in their pajamas with their Christmas gifts, it was so nice to be at home and enjoy this time together.

Merry Christmas!!

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