Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Happenings

December is always a busy month.  And this year, it seemed to be extra crazy.  Trying to find time for everything seemed impossible.  So I thought a would try to catch up on what's been going on over here…

Even with our busy schedules and demands, we did manage to have some holiday fun.

We had several Christmas "movie nights",

Fun christmas foods,

Lights and the Live Nativity

just to name a few.  Sometimes in the midst of running around we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas .  I tried to keep our celebrations simple without losing our family traditions too.  More to come as I play catch up these next couple of days.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa & Ice Skating at Prasco Park

This past weekend was Prasco Park's Evening with Santa.  As in years past this is one of our favorite events.  This year it was a little different.  When we first walked in they had tables for letters with Santa.  

Holden and Rylan both wrote their wish list.  In this area, they had ice cream, hot chocolate, and Mrs. Claus was reading stories.  The kids were mesmerized by the "snow flakes" lights. Once we finished, we headed through the Nativity Walk where they told the story of Jesus' birth.   Next up, Santa.  

This was Leyton's first visit with Santa so I was just a little excited and apprehensive on how he would react.  He took a look 

and then was fine.  

As you can see, Santa's lap was full!  

I love this picture of Rylan talking to Santa.  It's almost as if he is saying, "Yes, sir, I've tried to be good!"  HAHA!  

Oh these three! And just when you thought our day was complete, we arrived at Candyland.  

Is this not one of the best sights.  The boys squealed with sheer delight.  There were cookies, candies, cakeballs, brownies, and a hot chocolate bar.  

A little boys dream!  Really it was fabulous!  From the decorations to the treats to the true meaning of Christmas, it was all conveyed in one evening.  As we finished the boys were all given Christmas books and and goodies bags. Kevin decided to take Leyton home while I took the boys ice skating. Somehow these two got up pretty easily and made their way around but there were a couple of falls.  

Thankfully, I was able to stay up the entire time and we had a blast.  We went back on Sunday to skate again but only lasted an hour because it was freezing!  

Another great family event shared with the boys at Prasco.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our Annual North Pole Breakfast

Since it was a Winter Wonderland outside, it was only fitting to our annual North Pole Breakfast.  All week long Holden and Rylan have been asking for this breakfast.

So when they woke up Saturday morning, they were surprised.  I made strawberry Santa hats

and Rudolph pancakes for our special breakfast.

The boys each received new set of Christmas pajamas.

Leyton's are Elf on the Shelf and are completely adorable.  I will have to take a picture of our cutie in them.

I love special breakfasts as much as the boys do and our annual North Pole Breakfast is quickly becoming a favorite.

More to come as we continue our countdown to Christmas.

Saint Nicholas Day and Snow!

This past Friday was Saint Nicholas Day.  The boys set out their boots the night before in hopes that Saint Nicholas would fill them with treats.  

Even little Leyton set out his boots.  

Holden and Rylan set out cookies and cuties for Saint Nicholas.  

The next morning, their boots were filled with trinkets and treats.  Leyton was even excited with his treats!

I was also greeted with a 5:00 wake-up call from the school saying "It was a SNOW DAY"!  WHOO HOO!  Holden and Rylan went out and played while Leyton and I watched from the warm inside.  

These crazy boys could stay out in the snow for hours!

Kevin was traveling this week and luckily made it home before the big storm hit.  Saturday morning they were out shoveling the driveway. This weekend Leyton had his first "real" experience in the snow.  

Somehow all of his snowsuits were too small or too big so we made do with this one that used to be my nieces.    

Once he was out in the snow, he did better than I thought he would but it was bitterly cold so we were only out for a bit.  Or at least long enough for pictures!

We have already had two more rounds of snow and I am sure we are in for many more this winter.  Trying to prepare myself.

For now it is beautiful with the Christmas lights and trees.  So as they say, "Since we have no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"