Sunday, January 6, 2013

Accident waiting to happen

Kevin and I are constantly telling the boys to be careful in the bathroom.  For some reason every night they get out of the bath tub and they both start fooling around.  Either they are messing with each other or one is pushing the other out of the way to brush their teeth, they are always doing something.  Well. just like we said an accident waiting to happen and of course it did.  Holden fell and the next thing we know he is screaming and there is blood.  GREAT!  When he finally calms down we see that he has busted his chin and chipped his tooth.  Are you serious!  This is the third, yes, the third tooth he had chipped.  The first two were baby teeth and then this one, a permanent.
Instead of going to the emergency room for stitches, nurse mommy put butterfly stitches to fix the cute.  And as for the chipped tooth, Kevin took Holden to an Urgent Care Dentist who fixed the tooth and made sure there was not any further damage.  Thankfully, it was not.  So here is our little "accident waiting to happen".  

He looks pitiful doesn't he.

We are hoping this is a lesson learned.  One can hope right? 


Kathy said...

Accidents will happen, especially with 3 boys. Hoping he heals well and is doing ok.

Tammie said...

Hope he gets better soon, but I have a feeling he is a tough nut with many more bruises by the sounds of the way you say he has started out. He sure is a cutey even with his booboo.