Sunday, January 20, 2013

Go 49er's Go!

A couple of months ago Holden started collecting NFL players cards.  Rylan, of course, started collecting them too.

 Holden decided to take a couple of his cards to school for show and tell and then all of a sudden he started asking about the San Francisco 49er's.  Each week he would ask Kevin about the game, players, and so forth. Since Kevin and I are not big NFL fans, each week Kevin would look up how they did so Monday morning he would know each week. We started thinking a friend at school must be a fan or something because where on earth did this obsession with the 49er's come from?!  But his love for the 49er's continued.  And wouldn't you know, Rylan became a fan too!  Go figure!  Well, lo and behold, the San Francisco 49er's ended up being in the NFC Championship game today.

As a surprise I found San Francisco 49er's t-shirts really cheap.

They boys were thrilled!

I even put Leyton in his football outfit.

Rylan took it upon himself to blackout his eyes.  He is a character!

Well, wouldn't you know it, the San Francisco 49er's won the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Now they are off to the Super Bowl.  What are the chances of Holden's obsession with the 49er's landing this team in the Super Bowl?  Just crazy!  But they are loving it!  I suppose now we need to start cheering Go 49er's Go!

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