Sunday, January 13, 2013

Season Opener of Basketball

Upward Basketball season has begun!  Holden's first game was early Saturday morning.  His team name this year is "The Gators"!  What are the chances?  He was excited about the team name.

As the game began I think some of the kids were a little confused since this was I think the first time they have played on a full court.  With that said, there were alot of play calling and correcting for the first game.  Holden did really well for his first game.  He seemed a little nervous but he played some really good defense and almost made basket.

This is the first year that the height of the goal has gone up to 8 feet.  I think this will take a little getting used to but the kids did great for the first game.  Rylan of course was "a coach" and was in full basketball attire.

Ahh, soon this little one will get his chance to play on his own team!  And as for little Leyton, he enjoyed the game too.

Another great beginning with Upward Sports.  Go Gators!

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