Sunday, January 27, 2013

Star of the Week {Rylan}

Since the beginning of the school year, Rylan has been anxiously awaiting his turn to be "Star of the Week".  Finally, his time came this past week.  Each day the "Star" is required to bring the following; Day 1: an "All about Me" poster, Day 2: Show & Tell items, and then the final day, Day 3: A take home treat for the class.

For Rylan's poster, I made the mistake of asking him which pictures he wanted to use.  Well, he decided all of them.  Literally, he kept tell me to add more pictures and that these were his favorite ones and so forth.  Our final poster ended up looking like this...

Lots of pictures I know but that is what the "Star" wanted.

Even though I tried my best to add all the pictures he wanted, there was just not enough room.  So with the leftover pictures, Rylan made a second poster.  After finishing his poster, he decided he needed to hang his creation in his room.

He is a little star indeed.

For his Show & Tell he brought his flag football trophy and his bear Bearamy. Two of his favorites.

For the final day, I again made the mistake of asking Rylan what he wanted to bring for his treat.  His special request, star cookies with blue icing and sprinkles.  I am sure you can already guess what I made...

star cookies with blue icing and sprinkles.  The sprinkles were added by the star him self, hence, that is why there is such an abundance!

At Fridays chapel, I walked in only to see the "Star of the Week" wearing a crown and enjoying every minute of his new found attention.

You will have to excuse the picture, it was taken with my phone, but as you can see he was hamming it up as a"Star" would only do!


Tammie said...

He is an awesomely (is that even a word) cute STAR.. Congratulations Rylan.. What beautiful pictures thaose cookies made.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Tammie!