Monday, February 4, 2013

Future Snowboarder?

Friday we received a couple of inches of snow but the real snow came Saturday afternoon.  As soon as it started falling, the boys were outside and ready to play.  The last time it snowed Holden had the bright idea to try to "snowboard" on his sled.  It worked, and he had a blast.  So the first thing he did when he went out this weekend was "snowboarding".  Look, he has the stance down, and his balance was great.

He kept going down the hill over and over again.

After Rylan helped Kevin clear the driveway,

it was his turn to "snowboard".  

Would you know it, little bit was able to do it too!  Sure he had fun but he had much rather throw snowballs at Dad and eat the snow.

I know for some the snow is growing old but for these two, they could play for hours and that is just what they did.  

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