Friday, February 22, 2013


Last Friday on the way home from school, Holden asked me if he could get a haircut.  Since he is a little attached to his hair and never, and I do mean never, wants to get his hair cut I was caught a little off guard.  And when he told me he wanted to cut his hair like Rylan's, I was even more surprised.  Once he was seated in the styliest chair and his long locks started falling to the ground,  I began to feel a little apprehensive of how Holden would react to his hair being short.  But much to my surprise, he loved it.  He loved it so much that he told that he looked like a teenager now.  And just like Rylan he has started spiking his hair!

Oh these boys!  So now not only is Rylan wearing hair product but Holden is too.

As you can see, Holden is extremely generous with the hair gel!
I must admit that you can finally see the boys eyes with their new haircuts but they also look so much older!

Perhaps Holden is right,  they look like "little teenagers".

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