Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!  Here is a little recap of our day.  Well, let me back up to Easter Eve, the boys planted their "magic jelly beans" in the front yard hoping for something special to grow.  The boys also placed their baskets out in hopes that Easter Bunny would stop by.

Holden and Rylan were both up early to see if the Easter Bunny came and guess what, he did!

 Even little Leyton had a basket full of surprises.  Then the boys ran to the front door, where they planted their jelly beans, and what grew in place of the jelly beans, lollipops!

After breakfast and a few treats, we were off to church.

The boys all looked so handsome! Rylan loved his bow tie and jacket and asked for his picture to be taken alone!

I think it must be the spike hair that is boosting his confidence.  

Just look at these three in their Sunday best.

Leyton looked so sweet on his very first Easter.

The weather was rather yucky, so we ended up having an indoor glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt.

We enjoyed a quiet but nice Easter together especially with this little guy on his first Easter.

Happy Easter!  

Good Friday

The boys were both out of school for Good Friday so we spent the day getting ready for Easter.  We made Resurrection Rolls and Resurrection Eggs.

For the rolls you first you take a crescent rolls and separate the individual triangles of dough. I explained that the dough is like the cloth used to wrap Jesus.
Take one marshmallow and explain that it represents Jesus, all white and pure because He was without sin.
Roll each marshmallow in the melted butter and then roll in the cinnamon sugar.

This symbolize the embalming oils and spices used to prepare Jesus’ body for burial.
Put a buttered and sugared marshmallow in the center of each triangle section and pinch the dough edges together securely. This symbolizes the wrapping of Jesus’ body.

Pull the corners of the dough toward the center to cover the marshmallow.
Place the rolls on a parchment lined baking sheet and put in the oven (symbolizing the tomb).

Once cooled, we cut open one of the rolls and discovered it was empty!

After the boys were amazed by what they saw, they enjoyed this Easter lesson as a snack.

For the Resurrection Story Eggs I found a great idea on Pinterest. First we spelled out "Easter".  And then filled the eggs with a heart, band aid  cross, a clay tomb, and a stone.  Here is the poem and story I told with the eggs.

E is for Each of us.  God loves everyone. (We cut out a heart)

A is for A broken world, so He sent His Son.
S is for our Sins that Jesus took away.
T is for the Tomb where He lay for three whole days
E is for the Empty tomb.  The stone was rolled away.
R is for the Risen Lord.  Jesus is alive today!
Even though we spent much of the day working on crafts, it was a lesson and a reflection fitting for Good Friday.
Well, I couldn't do a post without my other little man on Good Friday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Old Fashion Hoe Down

There are many reasons why we love Holden's school.  Not just for the academics but the diverse educational experience he is receiving.  Just last week his class went to the symphony and then this week it was square dancing.  Yes, you read that correctly, square dancing.  For the past couple of weeks they have been learning how to square dance in PE.  So yesterday we were invited to come to a good old fashion "Hoe Down".  It was optional to bring a change of clothes for the performance and would you know Holden brought an entire outfit.  Can you spot him in is 10 gallon hat?

Too funny!

First we began with a prayer, in which Holden had to check his hair before removing his hat!

 Then it was time to dance.  But before each song, he had to honor his partner.

Holden was so cute but very serious about his dancing.  He did not want to mess up.

He was having a great time doing a dosedo, swinging his partner, and shaking his feet to "Oh Belinda", "Cotton Eyed Joe" & "Chicken in Stack" to name a few.

It was a sight!  I think I had as much fun watching the kids as they did dancing.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring in Ohio

Living in Ohio these past couple of years, I have learned there is NO spring.  Just like this morning, we were blanketed with snow and a snow day!  The boys were so excited to lounge and stay in their pajamas!  Especially this little guy!

While Leyton napped, the boys and I made the most of our snow day and made volcano eggs.  We made these last year and they were a huge hit.  First you mix food coloring and baking soda together and paint the mixture on the eggs.

Then once they finished painting the eggs we poured vinegar on the eggs and the colors mixed all together to make such great designs.

These are the finished eggs.

Aren't they pretty!  Finally after I cleaned up the mess, and I do mean a mess, I made an egg lunch.  I filled plastic eggs with string cheese, crackers, apples, and a peanut butter sandwich.

The kids thought this was fun and exciting to open an egg and have something new to eat.

It would not be a snow day without going out to play in the snow.  Of course, Holden and Rylan had to get out and play.

Somehow their playing always ends in a snowball fight.

I guess this is just life with boys!

 An unexpected snow day that ended up being a great day at home for us all.