Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 Months Old!!

Leyton is 3 month old!

Lately, he has been smiling alot, especially if you talk to him.

It is so sweet!  Holden and Rylan really get a kick out of him cooing, or as they like to tell me, that he is talking to them.   The discovery of his hands have been a big thrill for this little guy.  

He really is starting to show his personality more and more each day and has even started to laugh.  It is precious!

But personally, I think these little legs are irresistible.

Especially now that they are starting to fill out with little rolls. I love it! 

I can not believe 3 months have already pasted with little guy!

It just seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting his arrival.  These months are passing by so fast!

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