Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Old Fashion Hoe Down

There are many reasons why we love Holden's school.  Not just for the academics but the diverse educational experience he is receiving.  Just last week his class went to the symphony and then this week it was square dancing.  Yes, you read that correctly, square dancing.  For the past couple of weeks they have been learning how to square dance in PE.  So yesterday we were invited to come to a good old fashion "Hoe Down".  It was optional to bring a change of clothes for the performance and would you know Holden brought an entire outfit.  Can you spot him in is 10 gallon hat?

Too funny!

First we began with a prayer, in which Holden had to check his hair before removing his hat!

 Then it was time to dance.  But before each song, he had to honor his partner.

Holden was so cute but very serious about his dancing.  He did not want to mess up.

He was having a great time doing a dosedo, swinging his partner, and shaking his feet to "Oh Belinda", "Cotton Eyed Joe" & "Chicken in Stack" to name a few.

It was a sight!  I think I had as much fun watching the kids as they did dancing.

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