Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!  Here is a little recap of our day.  Well, let me back up to Easter Eve, the boys planted their "magic jelly beans" in the front yard hoping for something special to grow.  The boys also placed their baskets out in hopes that Easter Bunny would stop by.

Holden and Rylan were both up early to see if the Easter Bunny came and guess what, he did!

 Even little Leyton had a basket full of surprises.  Then the boys ran to the front door, where they planted their jelly beans, and what grew in place of the jelly beans, lollipops!

After breakfast and a few treats, we were off to church.

The boys all looked so handsome! Rylan loved his bow tie and jacket and asked for his picture to be taken alone!

I think it must be the spike hair that is boosting his confidence.  

Just look at these three in their Sunday best.

Leyton looked so sweet on his very first Easter.

The weather was rather yucky, so we ended up having an indoor glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt.

We enjoyed a quiet but nice Easter together especially with this little guy on his first Easter.

Happy Easter!  

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