Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Party {Rylan}

Rylan's Preschool Easter party was Friday.  I was not very creative this year with class treats but I will say they are colorful!

The actual party was for the kids only but we were invited to join the class for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Since the weather here in Ohio is anything but spring-like, his class opted to have their Easter egg hunt inside.

  Now for most kids they would be disappointed having to have their eggs hid inside but not these little ones!  They were so cute when they walked in gym and saw some of the eggs.  Their little eyes were twinkling with delight especially our little wild Rylan!  As soon as the kids were give the ok to go get their eggs, they were off.

Rylan is so funny to watch.  The entire time he is running  around gathering his eggs, he has his mouth open and is squealing.

He really does not have a care in the world and just has a great time no matter what he is doing.  Now, you may be wondering about his outfit, well, I picked out his clothes the night before but then when we got in car I noticed his choice of shoes...

yes, cowboy boots with spurs!  Not wanting to battle with him about his choice of shoes, I decided to let him wear them.  I did grab an extra pair before we left the house but the boots stayed on all day!

After the Easter egg hunt, we ended the day with a special chapel.  As usual, he had a blast!

Lots fun memories and treats to enjoy from the party as we enjoy our Holy week.                                                                                                                                        

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