Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Little Assistant

Let me introduce you to my little assistant.  This assistant likes to be by my side ALL day long.  From the moment Rylan wakes up to the moment he falls asleep, he is either by my side helping me do something or looking to see what I am doing.

If I am making lunch, this little guy is up on the counter helping me.

If I am doing housework, Rylan runs to get a dusting cloth to help too.

If I am folding clothes, he starts folding too.  And oh, if I even think about cutting or preparing anything to eat, he has his little childproof knife ready to assist.

Don't worry this little guy does plenty "taste test" along the way.

He is quite the assistant.  And with a cute little face like this...

I think I will keep this little assistant!

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