Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Day, Snow Day!

Finally after several school delays this winter, we finally received an official snow day!  Whoo Hoo!  The snow started Tuesday night and we woke Wednesday morning to a winter wonderland.  We received about 6 inches of snow.

The kids were thrilled, and I was too.  Finally a day at home with no where to be at a certain time, I was just as thrilled.  The boys played most of the morning and then they made their way outside to play in the snow.  I decided since to take Leyton out for his first experience with the snow.

That experience lasted all of about 3.2 seconds.

Just long enough to get the photo for our memory book.

Yep, I think we will wait until next winter for Leyton to really experience the snow.

Holden and Rylan played and played all day.

As they would say, "This was the best snow day ever!"   Today it was back to school and back to the routine.

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