Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rylan's first T-ball Game

After many seasons of sitting on the sidelines, the time has finally come for Rylan to play T-ball. He has been looking forward to this day for so long.  Kevin is the coach for his team and decided to let his little 4 year olds vote on the team name.  You know with 4 year olds, you never know what you are going to get.  So now even though they are black, they are the Reds.

The Reds had their first game Friday night and Rylan was beyond excited.  He came home from preschool at 11:30 and got dressed for his game, which was not until 6:00, but he could not wait.

First the kiddies started out with some warm-ups before the game.  I just love watching little ones do jumping jacks!

One is always jumping and then clapping later.  It is hilarious.  After warm ups  it was game time!  And if this picture does not sum up the scene I do not know what will.  Rylan is all set ready to play ball while the little girl behind him is playing in the dirt!

Rylan was all business, once the ball was hit, he was ready to catch it.

And once he caught it, he made sure he made the play at first.

There were a couple of times he had to "dive" for the ball.

And we all know he is not opposed to getting dirty.  I suppose all those years of watching have paid off. He knew exactly what to do.  But I think one of the funniest plays was when he caught the ball and ran to 1st and the kid was out.  However, the kid decided to stay at 1st.  Well, Rylan being the outspoken person he is told the kid, "Your out!" and the kid looks at him and Rylan says again, "Um you do know you are out."

That's our Rylan for you!  Then another kid ran to 1st with the bat in his hands.   And lets just say, Rylan's expression says it all.

Batting was equally funny.

He hit with all his might and then ran with all his might.

And when he got to 1st the 1st  baseman missed the ball but then went to chase it.  When he came back to the base with the ball he did not know what to do so Rylan took the ball from him and threw it to the coach.

  As I said watching 4 year olds play ball is probably one the funniest sights ever.  And to think the season has only begun.  I am sure we will be laughing all season long and cheering, Go Reds!!

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