Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Season Opener {Holden}

We had a busy weekend with games this weekend.  Holden had his first baseball game too.  This year he went up a league to 8U.  Which probably does not mean much but it really is a huge difference from last year.  One, they started indoor practices back in March and two, their games have umpires and they keep score.    Also, it seems like these "little" boys grew up over night.

Saturday, the Braves were ready to for their season opener.  Holden was a little nervous but he did not let his nerves get the best of him.  He had 3 at bats and 3 base hits.

 After his first hit, Kevin congratulated him and told me later that his heart was beating so fast.

Poor thing.  But he did awesome!  The Braves ended up wining 15-0.

Rylan has become the unofficial team batboy.  You know he always has to be where his big brother is at all times.

Tonight was game 2 and I know it will surprise you but I left my camera at home.  I am kicking myself because I missed the look on Holden's face when he got a player out at 1st and also when he made the throw from the outfield to get a player out at 2nd!  I know there will be many more plays this season but tonight was priceless and I think he grew 2 inches taller with pride!  What a way to begin the season. Go Braves!

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