Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break this year was very low key compared to years past.  But even though it was low key, we did have some fun.  Tuesday, Kevin took the day off and we head to Indianapolis for the day.  We spent the day at the Children's Museum.  It never crossed my mind that Indiana might be on Spring Break also.  Well, we soon found out they were once we arrived and the line to get into the museum was out the door even before they opened!  We made to most of our day despite the crowds.  Both boys loved the construction site last year and this year was the same.  They both grabbed a shovel and went to work.

If only they would do this at home!  We made sure we visited the new Super Hero exhibit.

 As you can see, Rylan loved it!  Then we made our way to the new Hot Wheels exhibit.  Holden and Rylan LOVED racing the cars over, and over again.

Before closing, we visited the Geckos.

There were so many different types but this little guy caught all of our attention.

Just look at those eyes.  Very creepy.  The boys tried to pretend they were geckos too.

You may wonder what Leyton was up too...well, he slept alot and looked around.

I think he enjoyed the museum too.

Thursday, Kevin parents arrived and the kids took full advantage of them and played the entire time.

 Thankfully they are good sports.

Friday, Rylan had his first T-ball practice and was beyond excited.  He was outside practicing even before his practice.

But nothing is cuter than these two little T-ball players.

I can already see that this is going to be a great baseball season for both boys.

A rather low key spring break but it ended up being a pretty good one even though we did not do very much.

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