Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

After Rylan's Preschool Graduation on Friday, we immediately left for Mississippi.  It was a LONG drive but we made it there around 2 in the morning.  The kids slept in the car but we were all slow moving in the morning.  The boys love hotels, I suppose it is the excitement of being somewhere new.  On this trip, they especially loved cuddling with Leyton in the early morning hours.

Once we were all dressed we met everyone at the coliseum for my nephew Hopkins graduation.  We spotted Hopkins as soon as we walked in and snapped a couple of pictures of him and the boys before he had to line up.

 Leyton did not know what to think of everything and just kept looking at him.

When we finally found my family, the boys were thrilled to see everyone.

Holden and Rylan both took their seats right beside Allie and her boyfriend Zach.  I thought it was so funny when they told her she could find another seat so they could sit with Zach.

The graduation began like many others with speeches.  There was once speech that keeps going through my mind.  The girl referred several times to YOLO.  Do you know what it means?  Well, it took me a bit to get it but YOLO is You Only Live Once.  Which was a great saying for the new graduates, and for myself, to do what you dream of, work hard and believe in yourself because "You Only Live Once".  I hope Hopkins remembers this as he closes this chapter of high school and begins a new one in college.  He is so young and full of dreams.  I hope they all come true.  We are all so proud of him.

As we waited to congratulate him after the commencement, the boys were playing around.

Hmm, do you see the resemblance?

We celebrated with lots of food and family.

 I think this picture of my granddaddy and the boys is so true to life, Rylan has food in his mouth, Leyton just wants to be held, and Holden has got his picture face on.

Not exactly the perfect picture but so funny and I am glad I got something.

Sunday the boys spent the day playing in the pool.

Leyton had his first experience in the pool and loved it!

Just look at this precious little guy!

Hopkins gave the boys each a ride on his 4 wheeler and they were beyond thrilled.  Just look at those smiles.

Mobday morning we were back in the car for the 700 mile ride back to Ohio.  Whew!  It was a busy, fun, and joyous weekend.  Holden and Rylan are already asking, "When can we move to Mississippi."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preschool Graduation {Rylan}

This past Friday was Rylan's preschool graduation. He had been looking forward to this day for several weeks.  His class had been planning several songs and a program to commemorate the day.  Looking back at his picture from the beginning of the school year

until now.

My little man has grown so much!  He looks so much older, especially with his new hair.

Rylan's class began their ceremony by walking in to the graduation march, yes, I almost broke down.  These preschool years are flying by.  Rylan walked in with his buddy Grant.

Once the kids were seated, Miss Linda handed out awards to the students such as, "Kind Heart Award", "Most Creative" and so forth.  Well, guess what award our little Rylan got?  "Best Stories Award"

Yep, he received this award for always telling the best stories such as when they were discussing Space, Rylan replied, "Oh, we go there all the time." or What did you do for Presidents Day? Rylan replied, "I played golf with Barack Obama"  As you can see we have our hands full with Rylan,  I've always said, you never know what he is going to say and now we see this is true.

After the awards were handed out, we watched a slide show and then had lunch.

Everyone was asked to bring something to share with the group and we brought graduation cupcakes.

Rylan had such a great year.  He really enjoyed going to school and made lots of new friends.  However, I am sure he was a character to have in class. This year end is such a bittersweet one but I thankfully we still have Pre-K in the fall before heading off to Kindergarten.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Should have been a farmer

Over the weekend the boys worked on building a new gardening box.  Our little handy guys were busy hammering the box together.

Leyton came out to watch his big brothers in action too.

This project took two days to complete because we ran out of soil but Rylan and I finished up today and planted our seeds.

So you may wonder what did we plant, well, we are attempting to grow pumpkins.

Yes, you read that correctly pumpkins for the fall.  We planted Jack Be Little's  Pie Pumpkins, and then a Mega Pumpkin.  Fingers crossed we will see orange pumpkins this Fall!  An update on our square foot garden, the peas have started to sprout and so have the green beans.

Gardening is so much fun!