Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Months Old!

Baby Boy is 5 Months Old!

It is crazy how fast he is growing!  Leyton has really become animated.  He giggles,

scrunches his nose,

and "talks" to us all the time.

I love how he folds his little hands,it is almost as if he is praying.

It really is precious.

He still loves grabbing and eating his feet.

He has even started rolling from tummy to back.

 In case you were wondering how Leyton is doing with solids.  Well, lets just say it only took big boy two days to figure out how to swallow and from that day on, he has eaten everything I've introduced.

Oh how time flies!  I am trying to enjoy these moments, even in the mist of our crazy busy days.

Happy 5 Months!

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