Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Last week both boys had their Mother's Day events at school.  Holden's was on Wednesday and it began with a beautiful tea just for the Mom's.  There were pastries, scones, fruit, coffee and tea.

It was such a lovely set-up.  We all had a chance to visit together before the kids joined us.  The kids were asked to write a paragraph about their Mother and draw a picture along with it.  Holden was a little nervous about speaking in front of a room full of people but he did really well.

His picture of me was hilarious   I wish I would have taken a picture of it before it went into his big book that he leaves at school.

As a gift they made jars of chocolate chip cookie mix for us to make together.

I am sure these will be made really soon.

Rylan's Mother's Day Tea was on Friday.  He informed me that I had to wear a dress and he even picked it out for me.  I guess he had a certain way he wanted me to look!  His tea was so cute!  He greeted me at the door with my Mother's Day hat and escorted me to our table.

At the table there were handmade gift galore.  There was a huge flower with our picture on it. It was so cute!

A bracelet and a few things about me he wrote.

I always love reading what the kids write about me especially Rylan.  You never know what he will say!  A few of my favorites were "What is your Mom's job?" "To make us boys dinner" Oh my goodness!  Then my favorite show, American Idol, which I have never watched.  And the list goes on and on.  His responses were pretty funny as you can imagine.

He served me a muffin and juice, just like a little gentleman.

We enjoyed them together before the kids sang some sweet songs for us.

As usual, Rylan was a ham!  Singing and doing the hand motions. I did tell Kevin I think he may be the class cut up or maybe he was just excited.  I sure hope he was just excited.  But he was having a ball.

Two wonderful teas with two of my little men.  It was a Happy Mother's Day indeed.

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