Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preschool Graduation {Rylan}

This past Friday was Rylan's preschool graduation. He had been looking forward to this day for several weeks.  His class had been planning several songs and a program to commemorate the day.  Looking back at his picture from the beginning of the school year

until now.

My little man has grown so much!  He looks so much older, especially with his new hair.

Rylan's class began their ceremony by walking in to the graduation march, yes, I almost broke down.  These preschool years are flying by.  Rylan walked in with his buddy Grant.

Once the kids were seated, Miss Linda handed out awards to the students such as, "Kind Heart Award", "Most Creative" and so forth.  Well, guess what award our little Rylan got?  "Best Stories Award"

Yep, he received this award for always telling the best stories such as when they were discussing Space, Rylan replied, "Oh, we go there all the time." or What did you do for Presidents Day? Rylan replied, "I played golf with Barack Obama"  As you can see we have our hands full with Rylan,  I've always said, you never know what he is going to say and now we see this is true.

After the awards were handed out, we watched a slide show and then had lunch.

Everyone was asked to bring something to share with the group and we brought graduation cupcakes.

Rylan had such a great year.  He really enjoyed going to school and made lots of new friends.  However, I am sure he was a character to have in class. This year end is such a bittersweet one but I thankfully we still have Pre-K in the fall before heading off to Kindergarten.

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