Saturday, June 29, 2013

Championship Game

Holden's baseball regular season came to an end last Wednesday.  The Braves came in 2nd place over all with a 13-1 season.  Their one loss was to the Orioles.  After the regular season the tournament began on Friday.  Since the Braves were in 2nd place, they had a first round bye.  Our first game was on Sunday at 1:00 and wow, it was a scorcher!  The boys played hard and won 17-8.  Monday's game was a little more intense, one the field was so much bigger than the boys are used to and the balls were bouncing all over the dirt and not to mention, this game determined if they would be playing in the Championship game on Tuesday night.

 As luck, and a lot of hustle, the Braves pulled out another win 16-10.  Which meant we made it to the Championship game!!  The match up was against the Orioles.

The boys came out ready to play and their fans came ready to support them.

With the toss of the coin, the game started out with the Orioles at bat first.

They scored 3 runs.  Next were the Braves at bat and no one scored.  They held them with 3 runs and then we score 5 at the next at bat.  The game went back and forth.

Then in the bottom of the sixth inning, we are down by 4.  Holden was up to bat and there were players on 2nd and 3rd.  He ripped a double down the 3rd base line. Allowing 2 players to score.  Next batter hit a single, Holden ran home scoring.  Now they were tied 14-14. The next batter hit a pop fly that was caught which meant we were playing another inning to decide the game.  Again, the Orioles scored 4 runs!  Yikes, the boys had their work cut out for them.  Holden was up to bat again. and the score was 17-18.  Players were at 1st and 3rd, he hit a line drive down the middle to center field.  The Orioles player missed the ball and the runner from 3rd scored and and the runner at 1st ran like lightening to home before they got the ball in play.  Scoring the final run we needed to win the championship!!!  Holden was on second did not realize what had happened until Kevin ran over and lifted him up into the air.  It was so exciting!  Players and fans were cheering!  What a game!!  The players congratulated each other.

Before the commissioner handed out trophies, he said this was the most exciting Little League game he has ever seen and to be honest I would have to agree.  

Holden was beyond thrilled, excited, and proud of his teams and his own accomplishments.

And as if the trophies for 2nd and 1st place were not enough, Holden was named MVP and received the game ball.  I am sure he will remember this moment for years to come.

Words can not describe this baseball season.  Kevin, Chuck, and Ryan (the coaches) went into the draft not knowing kids to pick and just blindly put this team together.  Most teams in our league have been playing together for the past two years so that says alot about the coaches time and efforts they put into this group of boys.  And it shows through with their sportsmanship, skills, and friendships they have made over these past few months.  Really the boys were such a great group of kids and teammates.  Here are the
2013 MYO 8U American Minors League Champions!!!

And here are the 3 Coaches and their sons.

These boys are growing up too fast!  We will savor these memories until next spring, when we will do it all over again.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a swingin'

Over the weekend, Kevin hung the bucket baby swing on our swing set.  With the swing in place, I decided to let Leyton give it a try.  He is still a little small for it but that did not seem to bother this little guy.

From the moment I put him in the swing he was loving it!

He was laughing,


and smiling the entire time.

I foresee many more moments like this spent in our backyard.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Adventure Thursday

This week for Adventure Thursday, I surprised the boys and took them to Kings Island.

Kevin came home early to watch Leyton so I could take Holden and Rylan.  I did not take my camera but did capture some of our night with my phone.  The boys ran from ride to ride.

We did stop for some snacks

....these two are living the life.  We ended the night with fireworks and these two were asleep before I even pulled out of the parking lot.

I think it is safe to say they had a fun time on this week's adventure.

Monday, June 17, 2013

End of Season Celebration

Rylan has one more game before his first T-ball season is over. However, we went ahead and had his team celebration this past Friday.  The team met at Twist Ice Cream after the game.

Once everyone finished their tasty treats, it was time for the coaches to pass out the trophy's.

The little ball players were so excited, you would have thought they had won the World Series.  Especially this little guy.

(This picture was with my phone as we were leaving.  Sorry for the poor quality but it was too cute not to share.)

What better way to end his first T-ball season.  Way to go Little Reds!

Rylan is already talking about his next baseball season...yes, he is such a boy!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventure Day

When the summer began I knew I had to have a plan for us.  The boys are so used to us going all day, all summer long that I knew we just could not do that with Leyton.  So I came up "Adventure Thursday".  On this day, I do not tell the boys where we are going until we get there.  We began this past week but when I looked at the weather for the week I changed our Adventure Thursday to Wednesday.  For our first adventure, we went to the Zoo.  This was Leyton's first time at the zoo and not to mention my first time with all three.

We saw the alligators,

"the mean bird from Rio"  as Rylan likes to call it,

the tigers,

polar bears,



and so much more.  Yes, I survived a full day at the zoo with these three monkeys!

Once we got back home we headed straight to the pool to cool off.  I watched the boys swim while this little on was asleep in my arms.

I would say our first adventure of the summer was a success!