Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventure Day

When the summer began I knew I had to have a plan for us.  The boys are so used to us going all day, all summer long that I knew we just could not do that with Leyton.  So I came up "Adventure Thursday".  On this day, I do not tell the boys where we are going until we get there.  We began this past week but when I looked at the weather for the week I changed our Adventure Thursday to Wednesday.  For our first adventure, we went to the Zoo.  This was Leyton's first time at the zoo and not to mention my first time with all three.

We saw the alligators,

"the mean bird from Rio"  as Rylan likes to call it,

the tigers,

polar bears,



and so much more.  Yes, I survived a full day at the zoo with these three monkeys!

Once we got back home we headed straight to the pool to cool off.  I watched the boys swim while this little on was asleep in my arms.

I would say our first adventure of the summer was a success!

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