Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baseball, Game Ball, & Strawberry Picking

My in-laws were in town this past weekend.  Most of our time was spent at the baseball fields.  After 3 weeks of rain outs, Rylan finally had a game.  He was so excited!

Rylan has the best expressions when he is out on the field yelling for everyone to throw him the ball.

Oh this kid!  But he was out there hustling and trying his best and when they mentioned that snacks would be given out after this inning, this was his reaction!

Just the mention of food gets him excited.

After the big game, the coaches acknowledged the players who gave their best effort during the game.  Well, look who received the game ball.....

our baseball player Rylan!

So sweet.

Holden had games too.  He always gets nervous if he sees me taking pictures so I only have these few from the game.

Even with all the games, we did manage to get out and have a little fun.  We went to one of our favorite farms for strawberry picking.  This was the first time for my in-laws and they went a little crazy.

The boys picked their fair share too.

 Rylan loves to "test" his fruit just to make sure their ok.

Strawberry picking is one of those summer traditions that we look forward to every year.

The year, we ended up picking a total all together of 24 pounds!!  

Completely crazy but we split them between the family.  This week so far I've made strawberry jam, strawberry balsamic dressing, and then froze some for smoothies and other recipes.  Before heading home after strawberry picking, we stopped by the asparagus farm.

By this time, Leyton was ready for his nap.  With that said, we picked really quickly and were able to get 2 pounds in that short time.  They were fresh and so good!

Another busy weekend of baseball, family and traditions.  Now, it feels like summer to me.

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