Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Day of School {Holden}

Holden's official last day of First Grade was on Thursday.  Look at how much he had grown from the beginning of the year

until now.

Since it is not like Kindergarten where you have a graduation or celebration on the last day, Holden requested a "special" dinner to celebrate his last day.

He planned out the menu down to what he wanted to drink.  His menu consisted of hotdogs, Cheetos, watermelon, lemonade in a Mason jar and brownies for dessert.

He is so funny about what he wants.  Leyton joined us outside for the celebration too.

Friday was Highland Games at school.  This is like a field day where Clan's compete various obstacle
 courses to win points for your Clan.  Holden is in the McGregor Clan (Red).

The first set of games were for Kindergarten and 1st graders to compete.  The ball between the legs seemed much easier when watching as opposed to when Holden was actually jumping.

But he finished in good spirits.  

Here are a couple of other games, the ball under the chin,

potato sack races,

and find your shoe in the pile,

just to name a few.  After a snack break, all the grades joined together for school wide games.  Holden was having such a good time with his friends.

I forgot to mention my other two, Rylan played most of the time at the playground

and Leyton was such a good sport and spent most of the time in the carrier and then in the stroller for a "snack" break too.

As the games continued, Holden cheered on his clan, which in the end... WON!  Yes, the McGregor Clan are the 2013 champions.  A fun way to end 1st grade with games, friends, and fun.

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