Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome to Summer

Each year after school is out for summer we have a "Welcome to Summer" celebration at the house.  I usually decorate the play set, set up games, and have the entire day planned.  However this year, between baseball, the weather, doctors appointments, travelling, and errands, it has a little tricky planning a day of fun. With that said, I decided to take a chance and plan on Thursday for the celebration.  I opted not to decorate outside because of the chance of rain but I did have a few surprises to get the summer started off right.

I made watermelon waffles.

 We tried, and I do mean tried to beat the rain.  Rylan was out and on the slip and slide before 9:00!

He was trying to get me with the water gun too.

Holden on the other hand was a little hesitant of the water.  Why, because it was freezing!

As soon as he had the courage to run and dive down the slip and slide, the rain set in.  In other words, our "Welcome to Summer" celebration was a bust!

My inlaws came into town Thursday afternoon so all was fine with the boys. Friday the weather was much better and once again I pulled out the slip and slide and baby pool for some outside water fun.

Leyton came out to see all the fun too.

This time, it was a hit.  They had a blast!

Especially Rylan when he ambushed his Dad-Daddy with the water gun.

Our celebration did not go as planned but either way, summer has officially begun!

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