Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beach Bums

Again, we spent the morning at the beach.

 Leyton slept while the boys played and fished.

Well, Kevin and boys tried to fish.  They caught what they call a "whitey",  which is a fish they use to catch sharks.

I know they had huge expectations of catching something huge but with the wind and luck, this little whitey was the only thing they caught.

However, it did not seem to bother anyone the sun and sand were fine for these three.

I will say, trying to get a picture with all three looking at the camera is impossible but I do love this picture.

Leyton is smiling at the water as he has his little hands on his brothers and the other two are just enjoying themselves.  In other words, this captures more of our life, not perfect but enjoying these moments.

The boys rode bikes after dinner and then we all went out crabbing.  Don't these two look prepared!

Well, they may have looked the part however, we did not have any luck catching crabs.  In fact, we did not see a one.

Even others who we talked to on the beach did not catch any either.  It was the weirdest thing.  I was wondering if maybe it had something to do with the moon or maybe it was just our luck.I guess it is better luck next year.


Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles} said...

I LOVE the pic of the boys with Leyton's hands on his brother's legs, it's like he just knows they'll take care of him. The sweetest!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Cameron, I think that picture is pretty cute too.

Emily Cashman said...

the crabs are not running this year...change in water temps and the water in general have kept them at bay :( I grew up in Bluffton, S.C and just returned home to Memphis from there just 2 weeks ago. We crab and shrimp of our dock...magical place in the low country!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update Emily. I know the boys were glad to hear that it was not just our crabbing skills. We will try again next year. It is such a small world, I am sure you miss South Carolina.