Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pirates Ahoy!

I usually plan outings for earlier in the week but this time we planned them towards the end of the week.  First request from the boys was Pirates of Hilton Head.

As we walked up to check in look who was on their advertisement....

look to the left.  See anyone that looks familiar?

Holden and Rylan from 2 years ago! Hilarious!  Before boarding the Black Dagger the boys got tattoos, mustaches and their pirate names.  (Riptide Rylan and Captain Holden)

Even Kevin got a mustache for the occasion.  Leyton was not so sure about the mustache but these little pirate were ready for an adventure.

As the Black Dagger left shore, we set out on a search for the treasure.

We searched high and low and received a message that Stinky Pete had the keys to unlock the treasure. Stinky Pete came up on his boat and it was time to battle.

Rylan was having such a great time spraying Stinky Pete.

Holden was too.

Stinky Pete finally surrendered and handed over the keys to the treasure.  Once they opened the treasure, the kids got a huge handful to bring home with them.

Once back ashore we went to the Park at Sea Pines which had the best climbing trees for the kids.

We head to the beach when we got back to catch some waves.

The waves were really rough but somehow Rylan found a sand dollar and was so proud of himself!

That night we went to a water front dinner with these three.  Oh, what an adventure!  Just kidding, they actually all did great and the music was so loud that even if they did make noise I am sure they would not have been able to hear them.

Our last full day, we planned a Nature Dolphin Cruise but as luck would have it, it began to rain as we left for the cruise and they cancelled the trip.  The kids were so bummed but we made the most of the day and once it stopped raining for a bit we headed to the beach.  Since it looked like it was going to pour at any moment, I did not bring my camera with us however, I did capture some our our day with my phone.  We played in the sand and made sand castles too.

As we packed up and headed out Saturday morning, the boys told us how much they were going to miss the beach and especially their nightly bike rides to the General Store for slushies and ice cream of course.

Well, this years trip was the first of many as a family of 5.  Until next year, where Rylan has already informed me that we have to do the Nature Dolphin Cruise the first day instead of the last.  I think I can arrange that for him.

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