Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Friends

I originally thought Atlanta was a very transient city.  However, now, I feel that way about Cincinnati.   This is probably the third set of good friends that we have made here that are moving away.  First it was my friend and running buddy Sarah and her family, which I miss terribly, another family that we knew through baseball, and now Rylan's best buddy Grant!  You may recall we spent Thanksgiving with this family last year and over the past couple of months we have really grown to love them all.  The kids play well together and enjoy seeing each other.  Well, would you know, they are moving. Rylan does not really understand that they are moving far away and that he will not get to see him.  I am sure in time this will sink in.  I especially feel sorry for Rylan because this was his first real friend he made on his own.  Not one from a playgroup or through one of Holden's friends.  This was his own special friend.  And if you could see these two together, you would know that they both are one of a kind!  Two peas in a pod per say.

Well, this past Thursday was the big moving day.  Rylan and I put together a "goodbye package".  He wanted to give him their favorite snack that they always eat together...popcorn, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

Oh and gum!  We put a picture of these two buddies in a frame from him to have.

One last wild and fun play date before we all say our goodbyes.

Gosh we are really going to miss these guys!    Especially little Rylan!

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