Monday, July 15, 2013

We're heading to the beach

Typically I blog while we are on vacation, however on this trip, I had a teething 7 month old and 2 excited boys so our vacation was anything but restful.  Fun but not restful.  So to back track, we left rainy Atlanta on Saturday morning and headed down to sunny Hilton Head.  This was Leyton's first trip to the beach and we were excited to see how he reacted to the sand and water.  As soon as we unloaded the car and settled in, we headed to the beach!

While the Holden and Rylan could not get into the water fast enough,

Leyton was observing his surrounding.

When we put Leyton into the water for the first time, he loved it.

And the sand, he loved it too, maybe a little too much.  I had to be quick to make sure those little hands of sand did not make it to his mouth.

It was a short night at the beach but do not worry we had an early start the next day...


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