Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun at the Park

With less than two weeks left until school starts back, we are trying to make the most of our last days of summer.  This past week we visited a new splash park and park.  The boys were so excited.  And this park did not disappoint.  The park it's self is built like a tree complete with a spiderweb and spider.

We were basicly the only ones at the park that day which made enjoying the splash park even more fun.  I sat Leyton down to cool off and at first he was not sure what to think about the water but then he warmed up to the sprinkles.

I have decided that Rylan does not have a quiet bone in his body!

He was running through the water like a wild man.

We kept going from the splash park to the park and back again.  Leyton enjoyed swinging with his brothers the best.

What better way to enjoy our last days of summer cooling off at the park.

As the boys would say, "We give this park two thumbs up!"

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